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The Red Series is our line for the personal listening market, including headphones cables, extension cables and adaptors.  This now well-known headphone cable provides an immediate upgrade from stock headphone cables, for high-quality headphones.  Works with any mid- to high-grade headphone with detachable connectors.  RED Series’ physical design was engineered to provide optimum weight, flex and texture for comfortable, tangle-free use. Free of excessive mass and unnecessary materials, our RED Series cables provide the headphone user with a sonic upgrade without adversely affecting established ergonomics. RED cables are compatible with a large variety of headphone and amplifier options. We configured a new Litz wire formula specifically for personal listening, and the cable is designed to be flexible, lightweight, durable and non-microphonic. RED is also our thinnest cable line to date, in keeping with our less-is-more philosophy. RED is identified by a red body, with white pigtails that connect to the headphone.


Consumer Review:

Audeze and Red XLR are quite a marriage. I’m running a complete chain balanced off my heavily modded Marantz SA11S2 through the HPA to my ears. As some smart person said ‘everything old is new again.’  I’ll probably need intensive care after the burn in.  John Hiatt’s Perfectly Good Guitar KA better than ever. Rim shots and decay, oh my! Maybe I’ll go for platinum a year from now.”  –Mark B.

WyWires Red Series (5 foot)

    • Terminates to common source connectors: ¼”, ⅛”, dual 3-pin XLR, balanced 4-pin XLR
    • Standard 5 foot cable with additional lengths & extensions available upon request
    • Available with connections for all Mr. Speakers models, Audeze LCD-2, LCD-3, LCD-X, LCD-XC, Sennheiser HD580, HD600, HD650, HD700, HD800, HiFiMAN HE-4, HE-6, HE-300, HE-400, HE-500 – many more to come.
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