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The TToby range may be ideally suited to compact living environments, but don’t let that fool you. With similar legendary amplification derived from our SPM range, TToby doesn’t compromise on power or providing you with the purest audio experience possible.


The TToby has been designed to complement our desktop DAC/headphone amplifier, the Hugo TT and shares the same compact form factor as its stablemate. The combination of Hugo TT and TToby provides a high-quality hi-fi system, with desktop dimensions and a space-saving footprint. Despite its size, the TToby sets new standards for small amplifiers and takes full advantage of Chord Electronics’ proprietary amplification technology and design know-how.


The addition of TToby, enables owners of the Hugo TT to fully exploit the device as a ‘digital preamp’, effortlessly driving a wide variety of loudspeakers, large or small, in addition to the Hugo TT’s headphone prowess. The TToby is a 100-watt design, featuring both an unbalanced and balanced input, to take advantage of the Hugo TT’s XLR output.

TToby features two of our famous high-frequency power supplies and benefits from forced air-cooling through the aluminium casework by means of a sonically closed anechoic miniature multi-speed quadruple-fan plenum chamber, enabling the external design to be free of sharp heatsinks and, therefore, carry a stunning aesthetic. The Hugo TT/TToby combination offers both class-leading DAC and amplification technology via headphones and loudspeakers, giving complete flexibility within the demands of busy households.

TToby -100w Stereo Power Amplifier - Chord Electronics

  • Output Power: 100w RMS per channel @ 0.016% distortion into 4Ω
    Frequency Range: 5Hz – 100kHz +/- 0.5dB
    Signal to Noise Ratio: Better than -103dB
    Channel Separation: Better than 95dB
    Input Impedance: 100kΩ Unbalanced/Balanced
    Input Capacitance: <32pf
    Output Inductance: 2.6μH
    Slew Rate: 70v per μS 1kHz, 20v Square Wave
    Gain: 30dB
    Stability: Unconditional
    Dimensions: 235mm (w) x 225mm (d) x 55mm (h)
    Weight: 3.75kG
  • The TToby employs an auto-sensing mains input voltage circuit and will adjust to suit your regions supply. There are no user configurable settings. TToby will operate between 120v AC and 240v AC -
    50Hz - 60Hz.
    To operate TToby there is a single analog rocker switch located below the mains voltage input. This will switch the unit on and off. During the initial startup phase, TToby will power up and perform a safety check, which is indicated by the LED glowing green below the Chord Electronics badge. Once complete, after approximately twelve seconds, the relays will engage and the output will be live, the front panel light will now glow a blue/green color to indicate this. If a fault is detected the unit will simply switch itself off. As TToby consumes very little power when idle, we recommend leaving the unit switched on when not in use when combined with the Chord Electronics Hugo TT DAC/Headphone Amp.
    Like any amplifier, it is important that sufficient ventilation is provided. Please do not place TToby in an enclosed environment, cover any of the ventilation holes, or use adjacent to other equipment that exhausts significant heat with use. You can, however, stack Hugo TT on top of TToby, although we advise that it is set to the side for optimal performance.
    The TToby is a Class A/B amplifier that will get warm in use, particularly when pushed to its upper limits. TToby employs a forced air cooling method, whereby air is guided over the internal MOSFET camber by four intelligent temperature sensing fans. This allows the casing to act as a heat-sink and air to escape via the 490 vents. For safety, TToby is equipped with a protection circuit which will shutdown the amplifier if excessive temperatures have been reached. In the unlikely event that this occurs, please manually switch the unit off and wait fifteen minutes to continue.
    TToby has been designed to be operated in environments where space is at a premium, yet still deliver Chord Electronics renowned audio quality. We advise TToby for Table Top use.
    Audio Inputs:
    TToby comes equipped with a stereo pair of unbalanced (single-ended) RCA inputs and a stereo pair of balanced XLR inputs. TToby has no ability to switch between the inputs, therefore you must only use one. TToby must be connected to a dedicated preamplifier, or a device capable of attenuating the output. Failure to attenuate the volume before it enters TToby can result in irreversible damage to your hearing, loudspeakers, and will void the warranty.
    Audio Outputs:
    TToby is a stereo power amplifier that supports a single stereo output - 100w per channel. In order to connect TToby to your loudspeakers you are able to use a pair of banana plug connectors, a pair of spade type connectors, or a raw wire connection. The black negative terminal from TToby to the negative terminal on your loudspeakers, and the red positive terminal from TToby to the positive terminal on your loudspeakers.



    • 1x Stereo Pair of Gold Plated Balanced XLR Inputs
    • 1x Stereo Pair of Gold Plated Unbalanced RCA Inputs


    • 1x Pair of High Quality, High Current, Gold Plated Type Speaker Terminals
    • Key Features
    • 100w into 4Ω
    • >-103dB Signal to Noise Ratio
    • Class AB Sliding Bias
    • HF Switch Mode Power Supply
    • Chord MOSFET Construction
    • Fully Balanced Circuitry
    • Fan Cooled
    • Stereo Balanced XLR Inputs
    • Stereo Unbalanced RCA Inputs
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