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Audeze’s superb sounding balanced 4-pin cables are designed in-house with high-quality materials and are as thoroughly tested.

LCD Balanced Cable

    • Balanced cable with , four conductor flexible braided cable
    • Pro-quality gold-plated XLR connector on the amp side
    • Pro-quality gold-plated latching 4-pin mini-XLR connectors to headphones
    • Non-microphonic and quiet when you move
    • Flexible tangle free construction
    • Proprietary 140-strand OFHC high-purity audio-grade copper
    • 20 AWG for low impedance, high current capacity and extended high frequencies
    • Length: 8.2 ft (2.5 m)
    • Weight: ADZ6B4 - 119 g
    • Dielectric strength: 500V AC
    • Resistance: 170 milliohms for returned path of 2.5m long cable; this includes the contact resistance of our mini XLR connector on LCD2 housing
    • Capacitance: 250 pF, including mini XLR connector on LCD2 housing
    • Response: -3dB @ 12.7 MHz
    • Inductance: 1.8 microH
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