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A new amp by David Berning, the Audioism10 is his take on an EL-84 based circuit.  The Audioism10 Power Amplifier provides 10 watts per channel output of accurate, uncolored sound with automatically protected circuitry.


These products are based on Berning's patented architecture known as ZOTL, which stands for ZERO Hysteresis Output Transformer-Less.



H - 8.5", W - 9", L - 14.5" (including binding posts)

Audioism10 Headphone Amplifier

  • • Sensitivity: 1.2V RMS for 10 watts output
    • Output impedance 1.2 ohms
    • Input impedance: 50k
    • 100V / 120V / 240V operation: Auto-switching
    • Hum and noise: 94dB below full output (measured at 20Hz-20kHz) • Carrier: -50dB (460kHz)
    • Power output with 4-ohm load: 12W, 0.5% THD
    • Power output with 8-ohm load: 10W, 0.5% THD
    • Frequency response (8-ohm load): 6Hz to 60kHz, +0, -.5dB
    • Amplifier class: Push-pull Class AB
    • Voltage gain (8-ohm load): 18dB
    • Size: 9 inches (23 cm) wide, 8 1/2 inches (22 cm) tall, 18 inches (46 cm) deep (including connectors)
    • Net weight: 14 lbs. or 6.4 kg
    • Finish: Aluminum case
    • Tube complement: two 12AT7s, two 12AU7s, and four EL-84s

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